LTC Online Classes

Sexual Harassment Training and Education

$19.95 each

M.G.L. ch. 151B encourages employers to conduct education and training programs on sexual harassment for all employees on a regular basis.

Our online Sexual Harassment Classes are just over an hour long and can be started and stopped at your leisure. They will give attendees a solid framework of what behaviors can be considered sexual harassment, how to report it, employer responsibilities for sexual harassment and pregnancy, and so much more. Upon completion each person will be emailed a certificate of completion.
Employer Responsibilities

An employer is liable for the sexual harassment of employees by managers and persons with supervisory authority, regardless of whether the employer knows of the conduct. An employer may also be liable for sexual harassment committed by persons without actual or apparent supervisory authority, such as co workers. An employer may also be liable for the sexual harassment of its employees by certain non-employees, such as customers, patients, clients, independent contractors or other acquaintances.

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