LTC In Person Training


Looking for training but don’t have time to attend classes?…We at LTC are your answer!

We partner with companies to provide their employees with a hands-on opportunity to learn equipment fundamentals. The bonus… we come to you and use your equipment to educate employees on the same machines they will be operating.

Instructed by experienced operators with years of experience, employees will walk away with proficient and safe operating skills benefitting both the employee and employer.  Trainers start with the basics, explaining pre-operational checklists, the controls, and the important safety tips. Trainers then conclude with practical equipment operations and safety review.

Employees will learn skills including: snow plowing, loading trucks, and digging procedures. Have something particular in mind? The choice is yours and we will teach it to them!

All practical training is held at the company’s location, any day of the week, and at a time that is convenient for you.

Don’t Hesitate! As you can imagine these popular trainings fill-up fast! Thank you for considering our team for your training. Feel free to contact us for further information and to schedule.

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