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Hoisting License Renewal Classes

In-Person Continuing Education


You’ve obtained your hoisting license and are nearing your two-year renewal requirement. Good news! We have a course designed specifically for you! Don’t forget…we come to you!

Trained instructors with valid hoisting licenses (Including all 4 classes) offer an overview of instruction including, Massachusetts General Laws, general knowledge, and any new requirements defined by the state.

The hoisting license continuing education course is two or four hours long (depending on license grade) and is approved by the state to qualify for continuing education credits. At the conclusion of the course you will be provided with a printed certificate to submit to the State as proof of your attendance.

To offer the most effective instruction to all participants we recommend smaller class sizes, typically twenty people at one time. We also instruct solo classes so don’t be deterred if you are the only one.

Please contact us for further information and provide us with your training location, number of trainees, and grades of licenses being renewed. Thank you for taking the time to consider our training…you won’t be disappointed!

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