LTC In Person Training


Your people have studied and obtained their CDL permits but haven’t committed to a lengthy class to obtain the license. No worries! We will come to your company and offer the preparation needed to obtain your Massachusetts CDL CLASS A or CLASS B license.

We offer the convenience of coming to an employer’s location and utilizing the trucks and trailers that employees will be driving daily. Seasoned, professional drivers start with explaining and demonstrating the technical pre-trip inspection, continue with a basic road test, and conclude with a mock “State Test”.

What we don’t offer is a lengthy course involving hours of monotonous classroom training. We understand classroom training is important in many fields, but this course is for those who already possess a basic understanding of driving and have the CDL permit and who want to become proficient in their maneuvering techniques without the additional course load. Instruction will be hands-on and happen in the field. This class is a condensed version of other 4 week CDL schools and gives you the exact practical knowledge to pass the State CDL test.

The length of the course of instruction is dependent upon the amount of knowledge employees already have and how quickly they accelerate through the required training. In general, the course will last for approximately two weeks per operator, with trainings no longer than six hours per day.

Due to the length of the course, don’t hesitate to sign up as this training opportunity books quickly! Contact us to schedule and to discuss in detail which license you are training for and what trucks and trailers you will be operating as pricing coincides with each.

Once you pass the permit test give us a call! Thank you for considering our team for helping you accomplish your goals!

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